In August of 2014 I was honored to be a team member of project “Dark Snow” on the terminal rotation of the season in the ablation belt of the Greenland Ice Cap. I am an artist with one foot in the world of science, and who attempts to introduce the intellectual rigour of science back into art. Which it once had, but has, sadly, been allowed to dissipate in many cases.I am always artistically stunned from these trips, and the first visual expressions are usually fairly illustrative since I am still in thrall to the majesties I have witnessed. Over time, I am able to proceed beyond this, and introduce metaphorical meaning and other content. At which point I feel I can comfortably call it “art”. One to two years is not unusual for this process to unfold.In this case, instead of my common initial reaction of works on paper, sheet marble seemed to call, and I hope that the carvings illustrated show this.

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